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        1. Thanks for your enquiry. Order for our soft copy.5Minutes after your payment, we shall send it to your email or whatsapp account.

          Bigway Nigeria

  1. Please when is your next Paint Production seminar/ workshop coming up this year 2018. Am based in Benin City and I will like to attend.
    In this seminar/ workshop , please what other benefits are accrued to attendee apart from the knowledge acquired in the Training, that’s any assistance on how one can start up on its own.

    1. Thanks for your enquiry. Next Seminar Date: March 24th,2018.At d seminar you will learn everything that involves in setting up your own paint production company. It also involve how you market your paints. Where you buy cheap and reliable chemicals, packaging materials.also learn how you can mix any type of colour.
      And many more.


  2. Do you have a training/seminar centre in port Harcourt.
    I’m based in Port Harcourt and would like to attend your seminar.
    I’ll also like to know your next seminar date even if it’s not holding in port Harcourt.

    1. What we offer for now is one- one training. For one on one training, you need to choose and book two days of your desire from the available dates, hence, it will be confirmed if it’s available.
      Bigway Nigeria

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