• You will learn 100% practical on how you can produce five different type of paints, Namely, Emulsion Paint, Gloss Paint, Textured Paint, Flextured & Ceiling Paint.
  • Know how you can produce 1 gallon (4 litres) of Gloss Paint for N1000 and sell it between N2000 and N2, 800.
  • Know how you can produce 20 litres of Flextured Paint for N1,500 and sell it between N3,500 and N4,000.
  • Know how you can produce 20 litres of Textured Paint for N1, 500 and sell it between N3, 500 and N4, 000.
  • You will be able to teach other people what we have taught you and charge exactly what you paid.
  • How to produce Paint that prevent cracks upon applcation.
  • Know what causes paint peeling and produce paint that will not peel upon application.
  • Know what causes Moisture Penetration and formulating Paint that will Prevent Mositure.
  • Know what cause wall fungi and Formulate Paint that takes care of that irregularity.
  • Know what cause timing colour fading and provide formulation that protect UV from affecting produced Paint.
  • You will get our automatic Certification and earn 20% commission on each person you introduce to any of our Seminar.
  • You will know how to attend any of our new Seminar FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Where to buy Original and cheap Paint chemicals.
  • You will learn the marketing tips that allow you to start selling the first day you lunch your product.
  • You will get free formulation for liquid soap.
  • Free comprehensive handout on Paints formulation.
  • You will get free text book on teach yourself Microsoft Word in 2 days by Ali I. Bamidele
  • Free information on how you can register your company for less than N11,000 and even do it for people and charge them N20,000.

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      1. Thanks for your enquiry. We don’t have training venue in port hacourth.
        Our next paint production seminar date is October 12th,2018. Venue : Bigway Hall, Lagos. Time” 10am
        Bigway Nigeria

  2. Good evening
    Please when is your next training session? I’d also like to know the time, location and venue.

    Kind regards
    Akinremi O.E

  3. Pls I am fokam from Cameroon I have go e through your article and I most tell u I am really really interested. Please I love to find out when the new paint production seminar will be this year thanks

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