Why you should invest your money in Paint Production Business bigwayinfo.com

We Spent N300,000.00 to complete the project (paints production and painting service).
used N60,000 Mixing machine to execute the production and still use it for other production exercise.
we did not use any factory, rather we used our 4 by 6 space in our training hall to produce all the paints.
we did not use our money for the production, we used N650,000 given to us as ADVANCE PAYMENT which was more than what we needed for the Project.
we employ one labour for the production, and the complete secrets on how we won the CONTRACT.

House Painting Contract at Abulegba Completed Project

2 thoughts on “How we charged N1,150,000.00 (one million one hundred and fifty thousand Naira.) for paints production and Painting Service.”

  1. I have read all your publication and adverts but you didn’t leave any contact address, I will like to attend your next seminar this early January 2018, thanks.

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