Dear Readers, Let me tell you one profitable business you can start now and be making BIG MONEY every day, learn HOW TO PRODUCE QUALITY PAINTS.

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Why you should invest your money in Paint Production Business

  • It is highly profitable
  • Over 20 million Nigerians buy paints daily, especially during festive periods like Ileya, Christmass, Easter & New Years
  • It is a business you can run on Part time basis
  • It requires NO electricity or Internet connection
  • Age, Education, background, experience, gender or capital holding are all irrelevant to this business, If you can Prepare PAP you can LEARN it. I mean Production of Paints

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Be your own BOSS

When you attend our Paint Production Seminar, you will learn:

  • You will learn 100% practical on how you can produce five different type of paints. Namely, Emulsion Paint, Gloss Paint, Textured Paint, Flextured & Ceiling Paint.
  • Know how you can produce 1 gallon (4 litres) of Gloss Paint for N1000 and sell it between N2000 and N2, 800.
  • Know how you can produce 20 litres of Flextured Paint for N1,500 and sell it between N3,500 and N4,000.
  • Know how you can produce 20 litres of Textured Paint for N1, 500 and sell it between N3, 500 and N4, 000.
  • You will be able to teach other people what we have taught you and charge exactly what you paid.

Paint Production Manuals and Video Training CD/DVDs

video training package on paint production


With our Electro - Mechanical House Painting Video training Package, you will be able to correct wall irregularities  such as Cracks, treat fungi and Bacteria, correct paint sagging, peeling, color fading, use wall Balancing Machines and know all that involve in wall Preparation.

Paint production manual


How you can Become a Professional Painting Contractor with Ease and be making Millions of Naira without holding a Brush.

colour color formulation manual guide on paint production.


Complete Secrets on How you can Produce PAINT EMUSIFIER(GENEPOL) and Supply it to the Paint Chemical Sellers and Smile to the Bank Daily.
The Cost of producing 50kg is N250 and sell it for at least N10,000.


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